The use of lignosulfonate in the industry

Manufacturers successfully use technical lignosulfonates in different production areas. Lignosulfonates are natural product with unique properties, obtained as lignin derivate in cellulose manufacturing process.

Sodium Lignosulfonates are used in the production of carbon black – highly dispersed carbon product that is much useful in industry. In the production of granulated carbon black using of lignosulfonates helps to enhance running abilities of the final product. It shown in next respects:

  • Increasing of pellets resistance to splitting;
  • Reducing of viscosity;
  • Easing of product processing.

Lignosulfonates help to form equal in size pellets of black carbon. It is very valued factor for manufacturers.

Technical lignosulfonates are used in foundry. They are used as synthetic binders. Foundry is very important branch of machine industry engaged with blank (workpiece) and shape casting. In this case, lignosulfonates are very useful and can solve different problems:

  • Simplifying of sand processing;
  • Enhancing of dry mechanical durability;
  • Reducing percentage of water in mixture;
  • Improving of casting mold shaping.

Mineral floatation is the modern milling method that shows perfect results. Within this process, using of lignosulfonates is considerable and reflects in bellow:

  • Separating of minerals by floatation;
  • Shoring of drill wells;
  • Partial wetting of separated particles.

Lignosulfonates are able to replace expensive floatation agent. The used as complexing agent and dispersant.

Technical lignosulfonates – unique products. They successfully used in mud solution production, helping to decrease viscosity of mud solutions and loss of liquid. Lignosulfonates replace banned chromic compounds, which affect negatively on the environment.

Refractory production is one more area for lignosulfonates application. Lignosulfonates increase mechanical stability of material at the primary stage and decrease mixture water content as well as prevent scaling in the refractory production process.


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