The use of lignosulfonate in the chemical industry

Technical lignosulfonates are products with ecological safety. They are eco-friendly and very useful in chemical industry. Lignosulfonates are water-soluble lignin derivants. They contain salt mixture and reducing matters. Unique compound is the main advantage for spreading products in chemical industry.

Prefer innovations to enhance technical standards of the final products. Sodium lignosulfonates are ultimate compounds to be the perfect choice for detergent production. They are used as surface-active agent that help to enhance detergents defatting abilities and surface dirt particles detachment. Lignosulfonates are used as complexing agent for synthetic and natural detergents that allow increasing household cleaning products quality.

In chemical industry, lignosulfonates are able to be applied for pesticide production. They complete many different tasks in production of chemical weed killers and pest killers for agricultural needs:

  • Enhancing of powder pesticides wetting and dispersing;
  • Stabilization of concentrated solutions in liquid pesticide formulations;
  • Enhancing of dispergation in liquid formulations;
  • Increasing of wetting properties;
  • Decreasing of adhesive properties.

Lignosulfonates are the best binders for dry powder granulation that prevent increase plant fertilizer flushing. As the result high crops and yields.

Production of synthetic tanning agents – process with sodium lignosulfonates using. In order to get the best results in tanning you need to use high quality materials. Synthetic tanners receive all necessary properties by using lignosulfonates. That is why lignosulfonates are very popular in leather industry.

Llignosulfonates are helpful compounds, regularly used in chemical industry. The low price and good quality makes it the best suitable product.


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