Application of lignosulfonate in industrial construction

Sodium lignosulfonates having perfect technical characteristics are commonly used in construction. The main advantage of this unique product is that it is eco-friendly for environment and human health, have high surface activity and stabilizing properties.

Lignosulfonates are used for concrete, cement slurry and plaster blends manufacture, help to produce workable and flowable slurry and increasing mechanical strength of the final product by controlling of plaster blends and concrete setting time. It improves final resistance of products and makes it more durable.

Lignosulfonates are applied for solution aiming at stabilizing of oil-water sludge.

More advantages are in bellow:

  • Increased final resistance;
  • Preventing saline contamination and stabilization from temperature changing;
  • Maintaining of particle dispersion.

Lgnosulfonates are used as a binder for ceramic production. It is important to use raw materials of high grade to prolong product life of ceramic. Lignosulfonates using shows good results. They increases clay workability and extrusion rate, as well as reduce amount of water required for production and prevent scaling. As the result, you get the final product of high quality.

Wood chipboard production is one more area for lignosulfonates spreading. They are acting as hardening additive. The product has high binding and gluing properties. Appliance of lignosulfonates help to reduce resin content and enhance wood particles binding. Toxicological characteristics of wood chipboards decrease as release of formaldehydes, destructive to health, shrinks by 50%.

Lignosulfonates are able to complete or replace synthetic products. They bind resin and improve working properties of the final product. Concentration of formaldehydes in glue decreases essentially, that reduce adverse health and environmental impacts.

Dye and pigments production is complicated high-technology process. Using of lignosulfonates increases concentration of dispersed hard particles as well as the following:

  • Stabilization of concentrated solutions;
  • Increasing of high temperature stability;
  • Preventing of scaling;
  • Increasing of hard particles amount without viscosity.

Lignosulfonates are successfully used in bricks production instead of wood flour and wood dust. They help to increase strength characteristics and durability of bricks. During production of construction materials, it increases extrusion ratio and decreases salt migration, which provoke foam formation.

Lignosulfonates are used as binder for clay pellets production. Lignosulfonates compound in loam sand mixture before baking in metallic drum-furnaces. Such an additive increasing bloating of clay, enhancing durability of expanded clay gravel and decreasing its density as the result you receive product with enhanced properties.


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