Applying of lingosulfonates

Lingosulfonates are unique wood-derived products with wide range of application in essential industries. They are extremely diverse products with infinite possibilities for generations to come. Lignosulfonates spread in such areas as production of concrete admixture, chipboards, pigments, casting molds, pesticides. In addition to the above powder and liquid lignosulfonates are broad products in many other industries.

Lignosulfonates are natural lignin derivatives, refined from paper manufacturing process. Sodium lignosulfonates are flexible products with such properties as:

  • Eco-safety – lignosulfonates are ecofriendly for environment. Absolutely harmless for human health and life.
  • Enhanced working abilities – additives improve the final product facilities.
  • Enhanced binding abilities – lignosulfonates are used as binder for gypsum boards, pesticides and casting molds manufacturing.

Competitive price is a valuable benefit of the product making it very attractive for textile manufacturer as well as for carbon black, clay pellets and animal feed production. Natural additives price is much lower than for synthetic and other analogies. Entrepreneurs’ chose of innovated products enable cost saving. Such a rational decision makes positive impact on business development and its flourishing.

Sodium lignosulfonates are ultimate products, widely used in many different areas. They are used for production of bricks, ceramics, syntannins and detergents. Lignosulfonates help to solve many problems and enhance technical parameters of the final products.

Lignosulfonates sphere of application are fast growing all the time, thanks to its Eco safety and good surface-active properties. Nowadays they are used successfully in construction, agriculture, chemical industry. Tomorrow new properties of lignosulfonates can arise. That is why technical lignosulfonates are always in time and in demand.

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