Another applications of lignosulfonates

Lignosulfonates – specific products with wide range of application.

Such wood derivatives have unique properties. They contain sodium salt mixture and additives. Lignosulfonates are non-toxic products without release of hazard emission into the atmosphere. They can be powder or liquid.

Leading manufacturers estimate sodium lignosulfonates as exciting additives with positive qualities. They pay attention to high operating characteristics of LS and its low price.

Apart from construction, agriculture and chemical industry, technical lignosulfonates can be applied in other areas, because of its environmental compatibility and perfect binding abilities.

Lignosulfonates widely used in textile production process. They are the best dispersants that increases colorant fixation on fabric and work as an additive. Lignosulfonates are used as sizing solution. In textile industry, lignosulfonates are used to enhance quality of goods in accordance with technical requirements. Additives improve quality of textiles, for example thermal resistance.

Technical lignosulfonates are use as tanning agent. They contain compounds similar to tannins. Lignosulfonates are perfect complexing agent for cleaning of synthetic and natural tanning extract. In the tanning process, lignosulfonates improve homogeneity and strength characteristics as well as high-temperature stability. Lignosulfonates work as coreactants in mineral base of tanning process.

Lignosulfonates find an application as well in such spheres as water treatment and air-conditioning. They help in the following:

  • Boiler water cooling;
  • Deceleration of nuisance chemical process;
  • Prevention of scaling.

Technical lignosulfonates are unique products with wide range of properties. Low costs and high operational factors make these co-products refined from paper manufacturing process competitive and popular for years.


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