Application of lignosulfonate in the agrarian sphere

Lignosulfonates are highly effective products for agriculture, due to perfect properties of these unique water-soluble compounds. Lignosulfonates prove themselves remarkably effective in divers challenges’ solving.

Pesticide manufacture is one of the most important area of lignosulfonates’ application. Lignosulfonates used to simplify and enhance production process of pesticide, aimed at control of parasites, pests and plant diseases. Lignosulfonates offer following advantages:

  • stabilization of concentrated solutions in liquid products;
  • reducing of adhesive properties and increasing of wetting properties;
  • improving of powder pesticide penetration and dispersion;
  • enhancing dispersing ability in liquid formulations.

Moreover, lignosulfonates are successfully used as binders in pellet formulation. They help to maintain pesticide stable for leaching, that provide perfect results after plant cultivation and guarantee high crop productivity. Agriculturists see value in Lignosulfonates as ultimate products.

One more area for wood-derived products application is animal feed production. Lignosulfonates offer several advantages:

  • Decreasing of feedstock nutritive loss → enhancing animal growth;
  • Increasing of product digestibility → animal feed ingests easier.
  • Increasing of pellets durability → higher quality of the final feed products.

Lignosulfonates are most suitable for soil stabilization. They commonly used for road surface and sanding ground binding. Products are able to prevent solid particles removal and help to reduce solution consumption. For roads construction lignosulfonates successfully used as dust suppressants.

Lignosulfonates having high performance capability and being used universally in agriculture bring excellent positive results.


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